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Working with Coral Coast Barramundi to bring you great Australian “barra”

Demand for locally farmed barramundi has plummeted due to COVID19 closures, but the fish continue to grow, and some farmers fear their ponds will run out of space. To help, we’re working closely with award winning farm, Coral Coast Barramundi to bring Australian barramundi to Australian plates across the country.


The Whitsundays is surrounded by natural beauty, and is home to Australia’s premier saltwater barramundi, Coral Coast Barramundi. Grown on a fully integrated farm, the team is made up of 90 percent marine biologists and scientists who also work on intelligent farming approaches to reduce the pressure on the natural environment – so by choosing Coral Coast Barramundi you are not only getting superior product, but you’re also contributing to the sustainability of a beautiful, iconic Australian species.


Working with Coral Coast Barramundi, we can provide first class barramundi. Access to consistently high quality, exceptionally clean saltwater results in consistently great tasting, healthy fish naturally – with a beautiful, sweet, saltwater flavour comparable to wild caught barramundi. This barramundi is healthy, nutritious, award-winning saltwater barramundi with superb texture and sublime taste.

  • No Hormones
  • No Antibiotics
  • No Artificial Growth Promoters
  • No Artificial Colour
  • No Uncertified/Unsustainable/Unsafe Ingredients

For further information regarding Australian Barramundi, call 0290625278